Info for tenants about property leasing

Applying for a rental property

When you find a house your happy to call home simply fill in the Online Tenancy Application form and submit. We will check your references and do a credit check. A decision will be made in consultation with the owner and we will let you know. To speed up the process please ensure all details on application are filled in and try to provide written references ahead of time.

What will it cost me to move in?

Say you were looking to rent a property for $300.00 per week - the move in costs would be...

1x week in advance  $300.00
4x weeks rent as Bond $1200.00
Total move in costs. $1500.00

The move in costs must be paid in full before the keys to your new home are given to you.

Tenancy Agreement

Once your application is accepted we will arrange for you to sign your Tenancy Agreement.

Below are some important details.

We collect a Bond for the property of 4x weeks rent. This Bond is lodged at the Department of Building & Housing.

You have two types of a Tenancy terms:


Most of our Tenancies are fixed term giving you peace of mind. Fixed term leases range from 6 months to 12 months with in most cases an extension will be offered. During a fixed term tenancy,neither party can give notice to vacate.


A periodic tenancy has a start date but no end date. If you sign a periodic tenancy you can give 21 days notice in writing to vacate. The owner can give you 90 days notice to vacate at anytime without need to specify a reason. The owner can give 42 days notice if they or a family member wish to move into the property or if they receive an unconditional offer of sale.

Before you move in we complete a detailed room by room inspection on the property condition including photos. We leave a copy of this on the kitchen bench for you to check sign and return in the envelope provided. If we have missed something please let us know so we can discuss and make changes together. This report is important and is used at the end of your tenancy to ascertain if there was any damage done during your tenancy.

Your tenancy agreement requires that you pay your rent in advance and on time. If you move in on a Saturday your first rent payment will start the following Friday and every Friday thereafter. We have a zero rent arrears policy and enforce this- so it's very important you understand your rent pay day.

We complete on behalf of the owner regular inspections of the property on a 3-4 times per year basis. We give you written notice via email a week before hand and have keys to enter the property if you are not home. You will be left a copy of our Inspection Report Card telling you how your inspection went. Inspections are conducted weekdays between 9AM-3PM.

The owner has the property insured (land and building),this does not cover your personal things and we encourage you to have your own contents insurance. The landlord and property management new plymouth will not be held responsible for any damage to your items while they are in the property.

Maintenance of lawns and gardens are not everyone's cup of tea but unless stated otherwise on your tenancy agreement they are your responsibility. We do have a preferred contractor if you wish to pay for a helping hand..please contact us if you want further information.

Should you face an emergency situation please call 111 and ensure your family's safety. Should you face a natural disaster please secure your family's safety and if injuries have occurred call 111. Please for your safety ensure you have an emergency plan and survival kit and refer to the back of your telephone book for more details or seek out online information- this could save your life. For Taranaki Civil Defence refer to   for latest updates.

For storm damage which we get from time to time such as roof tiles come off or fences blown over please phone us as soon as possible so we can come and take photos for the owners insurance company.

During these situations please do all you can to help yourselves until help can get to you.

Moving On

We will contact you before the fixed term end to ascertain if you would like to extend your term further.

Please talk to us about this so we can talk to the owner to see if they will allow us to try to find new tenants. There will be an advertising and administration fee payable to us for this.

You are required to give 21 days notice in writing if you wish to vacate. If you wish to vacate sooner you are still liable to pay the full 21 days notice period. Please use Notice to Vacate.

When you give notice we will require access to show prospective tenants through your property. We will always provide you with notice of viewings and a property manager will always be at the viewing..please refer to Notice to Vacate.

Once you have fully vacated and all cleaning completed and keys handed back we will complete a final inspection based from your ongoing inspection. If we require you to go back to complete further cleaning or garden work you will be notified straight away. Once we are totally satisfied your Bond will be signed off.

  • Cancel your auto payments.
  • All keys and remotes must be returned on the final day of your tenancy.
  • You must keep paying rent until all keys are returned and all your possessions are removed from the property.
  • Sign the Bond form and return to us- any delay will only delay the Bond sign off.
  • Redirect your mail.

We do have a separate outgoing cleaning guide to help you with the final clean up.

Tenant Information Guide

Tenant Information Guide

As a tenant, there are a few things you can do during your tenancy to ensure that renting is an easy process.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key steps that relate to renting and will highlight why a Ray White property manager is the person best equipped to look after your needs.


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