An easy 10 step guide for renting your property

Follow our 10 easy steps below to rent your property or download our Landlord Information Guide for more information.

Info for property owners

Property management new plymouth advertises your property on TradeMe,,, House and Garden, NZME, One Roof and our property management new plymouth website and various forms of social media. We personally and professionally show all tenants through your property.

Each prospective tenant completes an application with reference, work details and rental history. We check references, credit background, use social media to check every tenant, and we consult with you and help you make the final choice.

As your Property Managers we make a detailed Property Condition report on our iPads plus photos to record the condition of your property before tenants move in. We use bright red arrows to highlight any imperfections on walls or flooring for all photos. If required, we can also itemise the chattels. Your tenant is given a copy of this report to sign. We refer back to this report at our final inspection when the tenant vacates.

There are two types of residential tenancy agreements. We can help you choose which type of agreement suits you are your tenants:


This agreement is for an indefinite period until it is lawfully terminated by you, your tenant or by the residential tenancy tribunal. The tenant has to give 21 days notice in writing to vacate the property. You have to give a minimum of 42 days notice if you sell or want your property back for your own use, for any other reason 90 days minimum notice is required.

Fixed Term:

This agreement is for a specific period you agree with the tenant at the beginning of the tenancy-usually 3, 6 or 12 months. If a tenant vacates a property before the end of this 'fixed term' tenancy, they have a legal obligation to keep paying the agreed rent until the expiry date of that agreement, or until a suitable new tenant can be found.

A security bond is paid by your tenant as a form of guarantee against breaches of the residential tenancy agreement. Property management new plymouth requires four weeks rent as bond-this is the maximum amount we can request under the Residential Tenancy Act. We lodge the bond with the Department of Building and Housing ( as required by law) and the bond is held there until the tenancy expires. Property management new plymouth then work with the tenants to reach an agreement before the bond is refunded.

We have your tenants set up a regular rent automatic payment which goes into our trust account. We monitor this account daily and promptly follow up on any arrears. Twice a month or once a month we deposit your rental income into your bank account.

We check your property regularly. These inspections mean we can make sure the tenants are abiding by the terms of the tenancy, and capture any maintenance issues that may not have been reported. We keep you informed with a report including photos and/or video.

It's not always plain sailing-sometimes things break or just wear out. We have a team of trusted tradespeople who can fix pretty much anything. The cost is deducted from your rental income, and we will get in touch if maintenance may cost more than $350.00. If the tenant has caused the damage, we will seek reimbursement from them.

When your tenant gives notice to vacate we will let you know in writing. We can start to advertise your property straight away, we often have new tenants ready to move in as soon as the previous people leave. We also give your tenants an information sheet to help them to leave your property in good condition for our thorough final inspection.

And the work begins again!

Landlord Information Guide

Landlord Information Guide

Choosing to have your property professionally managed is a big commitment.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues that relate to managing tenancies and will highlight why a Ray White property manager is the person best equipped to look after your needs.


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